Business areas


Our experience in the industry allows us to offer specific solutions that meet the needs of the fleet guaranteeing the service in all areas of the supply chain, including providers, vendors and onboard franchisees.

Our added value goes from the source to the ship. Transport, storage, alongside delivery, including ships in dry dock and new buildings.

Our dedicated teams around the world are able to offer fast and cheap integrated solutions, avoiding the risk of congestion in the port even during the peak season.

Marine solutions

Dedicated shipments and urgent requests from shipping companies, shipyards, ship suppliers require a high degree of expertise in global logistics. Our long experience in warehouse management, consolidation and shipping all over the world, allows us to provide you with a tailored service to satisfy any kind of needs.


We offer customized solutions for the industry of agricultural machineries.

We have experience in this field and we are able to offer tailored logistic solutions with all transport modes: road, rail, air, sea (container and RO-RO vessels).


The traffic related to automotive supplies is really global and requires a logistics based on the concept “be in the right place at the right moment”, both for pre-assembled components and the last screw.

We offer solutions for every complex logistic need, supervising the entire supply chain, from the import of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.


We offer complete solutions for the beverage industry, studied and managed by people who know the peculiarities of the market. Our global network is able to meet your logistical needs: beer, wine and spirits, mineral water, fruit juices and edible oils.

Our range of services goes from full trucks and dedicated containers to groupage shipments by sea, air, road or rail, including storage and consolidation of the product.


Our experience in packaging, storage, document management and transport of dangerous goods and our network of expert carriers, allow us to successfully resolve the challenges posed by the chemical industry, from the loading at the factory to the transport, including all the formalities required by dangerous goods.


We are able to offer customized solutions according to customer needs. Your Hi-Tech products, when are entrusted by our team of experts, are in safe hands thanks to dedicated transports with satellite tracking, storage in dedicated and safe areas and personalized management of customs operations.


For any kind of perishable goods we are on your side from the origin to the destination. We offer everything you need from one source. Around the world our employees, specialized in the management of your fresh products, are able to provide a highly professional service and dedicated warehouses.

Project Cargo and energy

Our global organization is able to offer innovative solutions including load management, totally customized transfers of plants and equipment, for the customers operating the mining, energy, civil engineering and oil & gas industries.