Client focused

Unique Logistics and Supply management

  • Access Vast Network of Valuable Supply Partners Around the Globe

  • Personalized Service Tailored to the cruise brand’s Needs

  • Leverage Volume for Best Pricing Advantage & Support Logistics

  • Logistics expertise combined with Supply management

  • Relevant Experience

  • 4/5 star background

  • Focus on delivering to cruise brand requirements

  • Solid support team

  • Hands-on customer service

  • 24/7 availability

  • One point of contact

  • Global consumables and non-consumable supply contracts

  • Inhouse systems to support and integrate for reporting and analysis

Join our growing number of cruise and maritime clients:
Medov Logistics Supply

Our Products: 3/4/5 star depending our clients’ requirements
Non-Consumables , Owner’s Supplies, Amenities
Alcohol: Wines, Beers, Liquors, Private labels.
Consumables: All Proteins, Produce ,Fresh, Frozen, Dairy.
Domestic, international, ethnic, specialty foods.